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DVR sur PC

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  • 4ch/ 8ch/ 16ch /32ch/ 64ch PC-based DVR: HK-DVR204H, HK-DVR208H, HK-DVR216H, HK-DVR232H, HK-DVR264H

    DVR sur PC
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    • Caractéristiques

    4ch/ 8ch/ 16ch /32ch/ 64ch PC-based DVR

    Modèle #: HK-DVR204H, HK-DVR208H, HK-DVR216H, HK-DVR232H, HK-DVR264H

    32ch PC DVR: HK-DVR232H
    64ch pc-based DVR: HK-DVR264H
    16ch pc DVR: HK-DVR216H

    DVR System

    • 1~64 channels video and audio input
    • Each channel can be compressed independently
    • Dual display operation for live monitoring and playback on two monitors
    • OSD & LOGO adjust position freely
    • Support IP server and IP camera connect through network
    • Instant playback in the current priview window
    • Control PTZ in the current priview window use mouse or keyboard

    Recording & Espace de rangement

    • Adopts the most advanced H.264 compression technology
    • Every channel can setup the recording mode, such as: consecutive recording, motion recording, sensor recording etc. and can setup recording by scheme
    • Supports not only variable bit rate but also variable frame rate
    • The quality and continuity of every image when recording can be adjusted freely
    • It supports multi-hard disk circular recording, so it does not need to change disk by hand


    • Playback and record can run at the same time and there without mutual effect
    • System can playback in single partition or multi-partition
    • System can set precisely any hour, any minute and second to quickly index record data
    • System has several playing back paces: play back normally, single frame, quickly (2-5 time), slowly (1/2-1/5), freezing images and skipping to the set time
    • System support to playback part zoom realtimely
    • Support smart search

    Control Function

    • Control PTZ or speed demo through RS485
    • Control PTZ or speed demo use PC keyboard
    • Set preset position for each camera independently
    • Tour all preset position

    Alarm Function

    • Soutien 32 channels sensor input and 32 channels alarm output
    • Sound warning when alarming for each camera
    • Digital map popup when there have alarm
    • It has the long-distance transmission function of alarm signals through network
    • Send Email automatically when camera or sensor alarming

    Network Function

    • Support PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, DDN, LAN, Internet etc
    • Support Dynamic IP
    • It adopts advanced network compression technology
    • Support remotely connection of NVR,IE,PDA,NVMP through network

    Authority management and system protection

    1. Locks keyboard and mouse preventing unauthorized access to the system

    Monitoring window of PC DVR

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