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Probador del CCTV / Teclado

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  • CCTV IP Camera Tester: HK-TM806IPC

    Probador del CCTV / Teclado

    1)7 inch touch screen IP camera tester
    2)With WIFI function,Can test the Wifi IPC
    3)IPC CCTV security tester,test HD network camera, ONVIF HD camera
    4)Display high resolution image:1280*800
    5)Video record storage and playback etc, screenshot
    6)Support Analog camera and PTZ control
    7)Cable scan,TDR test,easy to check the network cable,BNC cable problem.

    • Presupuesto

    CCTV IP Camera Tester

    Modelo #: HK-TM806IPC
    IPC CCTV tester

    World leading cctv tester ,TVI CVI AHD SDI tester,tester monitor ,IP Analog camera tester manufacturer

    • Applications
      1) IP Camera Tester
      2) Find out the other end of the cable in security maintenance and network engineering
      3) CCTV system installation and maintenance
      4) Dome camera and All in one camera testing
      5) The CCTV transmitting channel testing
      6) PTZ controller


    • 7inch Touch screen
    • IP camera Analog camera test
    • control PTZ, Color bar generator
    • IP address scan, PING network test etc.
    • Cable scan, UTP cable test etc.


    ít. HK-TM806IPC
    Video test
    Display 7 inch touch screen, 1280*800 resolution
    Communication port 10/100M adjustable
    IP camera Customized:KingCCTV,ONVIF,ACTi,DAHUA(IPC-HFW2100P),HIKVISON(DS-2CD864-E1),SAMSUNG,(SNZ-5200),TIANDY(TD-NC9200S2),Kada(IPC120l),HONEYWELL (HICC-2300T),AIPU(IP5000-BC-13MP/IRS06-13MP),FINE(IPC) etc..
    Video IN/OUT 1 channel BNC input&1 channel Output, support PAL /NTSC format
    Video level meter Video PEAK level, SYNC level, COLOR BURST measurement
    DC12V power output Output temporary 12V power for camera,the current is near 2A
    Entrada de audio Test the pickup and other audio equipments on the front-end
    PTZ Protocol Support morethan 30 pritocols,such as PELCO-D/P,Samsung, Panasonic,Lilin,Yaan,etc.
    Baud Rate:600-115200bps Support RS232/RS485
    Color bar generator Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or Video cable.(red,green,bule,white and black color)
    UTP Cable tester Test UTP cable connection status and display in the screen
    Data Monitor Captures and analyzes the command data from controlling device
    Photograph, Video record, And playback Snapshot,Vodeo record,view the storage file in the SD card
    Network TESTING IP address scan,Linkmonitor,PING test,Scan the ID of the PTZcamera quickly
    Cable scan Search the cable by the audio signal
    PoE tester Display the power supply voltage and capacitance measuring
    Power Adapter DC 5V(2.5~3.0A)
    Battery Built-in 3.7V Lithium polymer battery,15000mAh
    Rechargeable After charging 8-10 hours,working time lasts 16 hours
    Operation setting Capacitive touch screen.English/Chinese OSD menu
    Auto off 5~60(min)
    Key tone On/Off
    Temperatura de trabajo -10℃~+50℃
    Humedad de trabajo 30%~ 90%
    Dimensions 231mm×172mm×52mm/1.26Kg

    ADH tester,TVI tester,CVI tester,SDI tester,EX-SDI tester
    Remark: * means the function is optional

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