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Features High-Speed-Ball

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Intelligent PTZ Dome Camera: HK-GNS8277, HK-GNS8182, HK-GNS8272, HK-GNS8362, HK-GNS8225

Features High-Speed-Ball

1)Waterproof PTZ Camera
2)220 presets, ±0.1° preset accuracy
3)4 tours max. 27 presets/tour, 4 patterns, 4 cruise
4)Color 18X, 22X, 27X, 36X optical zoom camera
5)Strong OSD Menu,easy to control
6)Support Multiple Control protocol


  • Technische Daten

Intelligent PTZ Dome Camera

Modell-Nr: HK-GNS8277, HK-GNS8182, HK-GNS8272, HK-GNS8362, HK-GNS8225

36x zoom camera ptz


  • 220 presets, ±0.1° preset accuracy
  • 4 tours max. 27 presets/tour, 4 patterns, 4 cruise
  • OSD Menu for Programmable Functions and password protection
  • Locations of Labels and On-Screen Displays
  • Programmable Multi-protocol
  • 360° continuous pan, 180° Tilt, Auto Flip 90°
  • 8 Privacy Mask, 8 titled zones
  • Built-in Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Auto Running Resume after Manual Operation
  • Color 18X, 22X, 27X, 36X optics camera module.

Technische Daten

Modell Nr. HK-GNS8277 HK-GNS8225 HK-GNS8182 HK-GNS8272 HK-GNS8362
Bildsensor 1/3 Sony Exview CCD 1/4 Supper HAD CCD II 1/4 Sony Exview CCD 1/4 Sony Exview CCD 1/4 Sony Exview HAD CCD
Gesamtanzahl Pixel 380,000 440,000 440,000 470,000 470,000
Auflösung 700TVLs 540TVLs 480TVLs 540TVLs
Lens f=4.1~73.8mm f=3.9~85.8mm f=3.6~98mm f=3.5~122.4mm
Zoom 27X Optical Zoom 10X Digital Zoom 22X Optical Zoom 12X Digital Zoom 18X Optical Zoom 12X Digital Zoom 27X Optical Zoom 10X Digital Zoom 36X Optical Zoom 12X Digital Zoom
All-in-one camera Hyking LG Sony 480CP LG or CNB Sony 1010
Horizontal Angle of View 48.0°(wide), 2.8°(tele) 54.0°(wide),2.5° (tele) 55.0°(wide), 2.4° (tele) 57.8°(wide), 1.7° (tele)
Minimale Beleuchtung Color 0.01Lux B/W 0.005Lux Color 0.001Lux B/W 0.00005Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.002Lux Color 0.003Lux B/W 0.0001Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.01lux
S / N-Verhältnis > 50dB
Electric shutter 1/50~1/10000s 1/1~1/10000s 1/50~1/10000s
Privacy Zone Ja Nein Ja
IR Sensitive Nein Ja
Day/Night Nein Ja
level running 360° continuous revolve, 180° auto flip
Rotate speed 0.5°/S-280°/S level shift, 0.5°/S-280°/S upright shift
Presets points quantity 128pcs program speed and stick time
Cruising Route 8 groups multiple cruise, max to 16 preset points every group
Baud rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 wahlweise
Control protocol Multi-Protocols
Proportional zooming Six grade
Power supply 24VAC 3A
Black light compensation ON/OFF
Video Connector 1.0±0.2Vp-p 75
Black light compensation BNC
Focusing system Auto/Manual
Weißabgleich AUTO, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push WB, Manual WB Auto/Manual AUTO, ATW,WB, Manual WB
Temperature Storage -45 ~ 65 ° C
Temperatur Betrieb -40 ~ 60 ° C
Installation option Wall mounting bracket, Suspending installation bracket, in-ceiling
Gewicht gross weight: 8.5kg; volume weight: 10.04kg
Paket Box size: 34 * 36 * 41cm

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