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  • 4/8/16/24CH AHD DVR: HK-AHDVR5104F, HK-AHDVR5108F, HK-AHDVR5116F, HK-AHDVR5124F

    • Technische Daten


    4/8/16/24CH AHD DVR

    Modell-Nr: HK-AHDVR5104F, HK-AHDVR5108F, HK-AHDVR5116F, HK-AHDVR5124F

    4ch ahd dvr
    16ch ahd dvr


      • 4/8/16/24ch AHD (Analog High-Definition) video & 4ch IP camera inputs
      • Adopt 75-3 (or more) coaxial, transmission distance up to 500 meters; Low-cost, long distance, without delay, high efficiency, noise immunity and easy installation.
      • Easily upgrading the old analog systems to the Mega high-definition system without changing the installed coax cables and equipment
      • Support analog video, Analog HD video, network HD video input
      • AHD: 4ch@AHD_L,8/16/24ch@AHD-M
      • IPC: Max 50fps@1080p, 100fps@720p, 200fps@960H
      • HDMI output up to 1080p, VGA
      • alarm in & relay out Optional, RS485
      • 4/8/16ch sync real time playback
      • 1/2 SATA, 2 USB, 1 RJ45(1000M)
      • Support Multi-language: English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Chinese-Traditional, Turkish, etc.
      • Support multi-browser: IE, Chrom, Firefox, Safari
      • support 3G & WIFI extension
      • support P2P,cloud service

    Technische Daten

     Model HK-AHD5104F HK-AHD5108F HK-AHD5116F HK-AHD5124F
    System Main processor Hi3515C Hi3531
    Operating system Embedded LINUX operating system
    System resource Multi-channel real-time recording synchronously, multi-channel real-time playback, multi-channel multi-user network operation, USB back up.
    Interface Operation interface 16 bit real color GUI interface support mouse operation
    Display screen Take all analog input as an example, others are depended on the selected channel mode
    1/4 screen 1/4/8/9 screen 1/4/8/9/16 screen 1/4/8/9/16/24 screen
    Video Video standard KUMPEL (625 lines, 50fps); NTSC (525lines, 60fps)
    Image encode H.264(High Profile)
    Monitor quality Monitor: D1; VGA: High Definition; HDMI: High definition
    Playback quality Max support 1080P under HVR and NVR mode
    Max 720P Under local analog input mode:
    720P*4 720P*8 720P*16
    Encode capability 4*720P 8*720P 16*720P 24*720P
    Decode capability 4*720P 8*720P 16*720P 24*720P
    Multi-mode video input Local analog input:
    720P*4/AHD-L*4 720P*8/AHD-M*8 720P*16/AHD-M*16 720P*24/AHD-M*24
    Local analog + network digital input: 720P(AHD)*4+720P(IP)*4
    All network digital input:
    Motion detection Each channel can set 192 (16*12)detection area; can set multi-level of flexibility (for local analog channel only)
    Audio Audio compression G.711A
    Bidirectional talk support
    Record and playback Record mode manual>alarm>motion detection>timing
    Local playback 720P*4 720P*8 720P*16
    Video search Time,date,event,channel search
    Storage and back up Space occupation Video:CIF 4~5G/day*channel, D1 16~20G/day*channel; 960H 12G~20G/Day*CH
    Video storage Local HDD ,Network
    Back up mode Network backup,USB portable HDD,USB DVD/RW,SATA DVD/RW
    Interface Video input 4ch BNC 8ch BNC 16ch BNC 24ch BNC
    Video output 1ch BNC,1ch VGA,1ch HDMI
    Video Loop out Not Support
    Audio input 1ch RCA(200-2800mV,30) 4ch RCA(200-2800mV,30)
    Audio output 1ch RCA(200-3000mV,5)
    Alarm input N/A(4chs Optional)
    Alarm output N/A(1ch Optional)
    Network interface RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port
    PTZ control 1 RS485; support multi kinds of PTZ protocol
    USB port 2*USB2.0
    HDD port 1 SATA port (1*4T) 2 SATA port (2*4T)
    Wireless port N/A 3G,WIFI(extension via USB port)
    Other Power 12V/3A
    Consumption less than 5W(not include H.D.D.)
    Arbeitstemperatur 0℃-+55℃
    Arbeitsfeuchtigkeit 10% ~ 90%
    Abmessungen(Millimeter) L233 * W300 * H45
    Paket 5 sets/Carton(457*455*308)
    Gewicht 1.46KG

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