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Автоматическое отслеживание High Speed ​​Dome

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Auto motion tracking PTZ camera: HK-SAP8277, HK-SAP8182, HK-SAP8272, HK-SAP8362

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Автоматическое отслеживание High Speed ​​Dome
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Auto motion tracking PTZ camera

Номер модели: HK-SAP8277, HK-SAP8182, HK-SAP8272, HK-SAP8362

auto motion tracking ptz


  • Motion auto tracking, intelligent surveillance with alarm function
  • Preset, auto cruise and pattern scan function
  • Auto tracking function when run a tour
  • 256 preset points.
  • 1 group Pattern
  • 4 group auto Cruise with 30 preset/tour
  • 360° continuous Pan,0° to 90° Tilt From Horizontal Plane, 180° auto flip.
  • Color 18X, 22X, 27X, 36X optics camera module.


Модель №. HK-SAP8277 HK-SAP8182 HK-SAP8272 HK-SAP8362
Датчик изображений 1/3″ SONY ExView CCD 1/4″ SONY ExView CCD 1/4″ SONY ExView CCD 1/4″ SONY ExView HAD CCD
All-in-one camera Hyking Sony 480CP LG or CNB Sony 1010
Общее число пикселей 380,000 440,000 470,000 470,000
разрешение 700 TVLs 480 TVLs 540 TVLs 540 TVLs
объектив f= 3.9~89.7mm f=4.1~73.8mm f=3.25~88mm f=3.5~122.4mm
Увеличить 27X оптический зум, 10X digital zoom 18X оптический зум, 12X digital zoom 27X оптический зум, 10X digital zoom 36X оптический зум, 10X digital zoom
Горизонтальный угол обзора 48.0°(wide),2.8° (tele) 54.0°(wide),2.5° (tele) 57.8°(wide), 1.7° (tele) 57.8°(wide), 1.7° (tele)
Минимальное освещение Color 0.01Lux B/W 0.005Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.002Lux Color 0.003Lux B/W 0.002Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.01Lux
Отношение сигнал / шум >50децибел
Электронный затвор 1/50~ 1 / 10000s 1/1~ 1 / 10000s 1/1~ 1 / 10000s 1s~1/10000s
Privacy zone да
ИК индуцируют нет да
Цвет в черный / белый нет да
Panning Range Pan:0° ~360° continuous;Tilt:0°~90°
Presets 256
Auto Cruise Auto switch from 0 to 54 preset positions sequentially
Pattern Scan P/T/Z scan from 55 to 63 preset positions automatically
level running 360° continuous revolve, 180° auto flip
Rotate speed 0.5°/S-400°/S level shift, 0.5°/S-240°/S upright shift
Auto-reset can set by yourself.
Control protocol Multi-Protocols
Baud Rate 1200bps;2400bps;4800bps;9600bps;19200bps
Address 0~255
Track Speed 0°~100°/sec
Рабочая Температура 0 ° С ~ 55 ° С
Storage Temperature -20 ° С ~ 60 ° С
Источник питания DC12V 15W
Installation option Wall mounting bracket,Surface, In-ceiling, Pole


If your application is a large parking lot or an open field and you need the ability to lock on to moving objects, like a person, then this could be the perfect solution. With built in Tracker algorithm this camera continually adjusts pan, tilt and zoom features to center pixel change in its camera¡¯s view. Multiple levels of sensitivity for pixel-change zoom level and response times are integrated into this camera¡¯s on-board programming. This allows you to perfectly marry the camera to the environment. Keep in mind that foliage and/or heavy snow can cause false pixel change so proper environment placement and configuration is essential to limit false events.
It is very common to mount this type of a camera to a drop ceiling in a large room, so drop ceiling mounts are available as well as corner mounts. Camera comes standard with a wall mount.

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