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Suivi automatique Dôme à grande vitesse

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Auto motion tracking PTZ camera: HK-SAP8277, HK-SAP8182, HK-SAP8272, HK-SAP8362

Suivi automatique Dôme à grande vitesse
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Auto motion tracking PTZ camera

Numéro de modèle: HK-SAP8277, HK-SAP8182, HK-SAP8272, HK-SAP8362

auto motion tracking ptz


  • Motion auto tracking, intelligent surveillance with alarm function
  • Preset, auto cruise and pattern scan function
  • Auto tracking function when run a tour
  • 256 preset points.
  • 1 group Pattern
  • 4 group auto Cruise with 30 preset/tour
  • 360° continuous Pan,0° to 90° Tilt From Horizontal Plane, 180° auto flip.
  • Color 18X, 22X, 27X, 36X optics camera module.


modèle Non. HK-SAP8277 HK-SAP8182 HK-SAP8272 HK-SAP8362
Capteur d'image 1/3″ SONY ExView CCD 1/4″ SONY ExView CCD 1/4″ SONY ExView CCD 1/4″ SONY ExView HAD CCD
All-in-one camera Hyking Sony 480CP LG or CNB Sony 1010
Nombre total de pixels 380,000 440,000 470,000 470,000
Résolution 700 couches d'atténuation 480 couches d'atténuation 540 couches d'atténuation 540 couches d'atténuation
Lentille f= 3.9~89.7mm f=4.1~73.8mm f=3.25~88mm f=3.5~122.4mm
Zoom 27zoom optique X, 10X digital zoom 18zoom optique X, 12X digital zoom 27zoom optique X, 10X digital zoom 36zoom optique X, 10X digital zoom
Horizontal Angle of View 48.0°(wide),2.8° (tele) 54.0°(wide),2.5° (tele) 57.8°(wide), 1.7° (tele) 57.8°(wide), 1.7° (tele)
Illumination minimum Color 0.01Lux B/W 0.005Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.002Lux Color 0.003Lux B/W 0.002Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.01Lux
Rapport S / N >50dB
obturateur électronique 1/50~1/10000s 1/1~1/10000s 1/1~1/10000s 1s~1/10000s
Privacy zone Yes
IR Induce Non Yes
Color to Black/White Non Yes
Panning Range Pan:0° ~360° continuous;Tilt:0°~90°
Presets 256
Auto Cruise Auto switch from 0 to 54 preset positions sequentially
Pattern Scan P/T/Z scan from 55 to 63 preset positions automatically
level running 360° continuous revolve, 180° auto flip
Rotate speed 0.5°/S-400°/S level shift, 0.5°/S-240°/S upright shift
Auto-reset can set by yourself.
Control protocol Multi-Protocols
Baud Rate 1200bps;2400bps;4800bps;9600bps;19200bps
Address 0~255
Track Speed 0°~100°/sec
Température de fonctionnement 0 ° C ~ 55 ° C
Storage Temperature -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Source de courant DC12V 15W
Installation option Wall mounting bracket,Surface, In-ceiling, Pole


If your application is a large parking lot or an open field and you need the ability to lock on to moving objects, like a person, then this could be the perfect solution. With built in Tracker algorithm this camera continually adjusts pan, tilt and zoom features to center pixel change in its camera¡¯s view. Multiple levels of sensitivity for pixel-change zoom level and response times are integrated into this camera¡¯s on-board programming. This allows you to perfectly marry the camera to the environment. Keep in mind that foliage and/or heavy snow can cause false pixel change so proper environment placement and configuration is essential to limit false events.
It is very common to mount this type of a camera to a drop ceiling in a large room, so drop ceiling mounts are available as well as corner mounts. Camera comes standard with a wall mount.

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