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D1 Digital Video Recorder

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  • H.264 standalone D1 DVR: HK-S2204F, HK-S2208F, HK-S2216F

    D1 Digital Video Recorder

    1)H.264 compression algorithm ideal for standalone DVR
    2)Support Mobilephone Surveillance with Symbian, Windows CE, Iphone, Google Android
    3)Realtime live display up to 4/8/16 camera with 720P high definition.
    4)Support CIF realtime recording, support HD1, D1 non realtime.
    5)Multiple function: Live, Recording, Playback, Backup & Remote access.
    6)Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss.
    7)Powerful network software: built-in web server, multi-DVR client, MSS(mobile phone surveillance software) & CMS.
    8)Supports SATA HDD (maximal value of each hard disk is up to 2TB)
    9)Support Wireless 3G USB Modem.


    • Technische Daten

    H.264 standalone D1 DVR

    Model #: HK-S2204F, HK-S2208F, HK-S2216F

    h264 d1 network DVR
    h 264 d1 network DVR
    h 264 d1 DVR
    functions of standalone DVR


      • H.264 compression algorithm ideal for standalone DVR
      • Support Multi-language: English, Italian, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.
      • New standard for professional DVR with high performance and competitive price.
      • Support Mobilephone Surveillance with Symbian , Windows CE,Iphone , Google Android
      • Realtime live display up to 4/8/16 camera with 720P high definition.
      • 1,2,4,8,16 channel simultaneous realtime playback
      • Support CIF realtime recording, support HD1,D1 non realtime.
      • Dual encoding streams flexible for network transmission and mobile phone monitoring.
      • Multiple function: Live, Recording, Playback, Backup & Remote access.
      • Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss.
      • Powerful network software:built-in web server, multi-DVR client, MSS(mobile phone surveillance software) & CMS.
      • Supports SATA HDD (maximal value of each hard disk is up to 2TB)
      • Support Wireless 3G USB Modem.

    Technische Daten

    Modell Nr. HK-S2204F HK-S2208F HK-S2216F
    Compression Format H.264 / G.711
    Operation System Embedded LINUX
    Main Processor High-performance embedded microcontroller
    Control Mode Front panel, USB mouse, IR remote control, Keyboard, Network
    System Resources Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup & remote access
    Video Input BNC x 4, 1.0VP-P,75O BNC x 8, 1.0VP-P,75O BNC x 16, 1.0VP-P,75O
    Video-Ausgang 1 TV, BNC(1.0Vp-p, 75Ω), 1 VGA
    Video Standards KUMPEL(100f/s); NTSC(120f/s) KUMPEL(200f/s); NTSC(240f/s) KUMPEL(400f/s); NTSC(480f/s)
    Video Resolution D1/4CIF(704*576/704*480), HD1(704*288/640*240), CIF(352*288/352*240)
    Main Stream Record Speed CIF:(1-25/30f/s); HD1:(1-12/15f/s); D1:(1-5f/s/ch) CIF(1-25/30f/s); HD1(1-12/15f/s); D1(1-5f/s/ch) CIF(1-25/30f/s/ch)
    Extra Stream Speed QCIF(1~25/30fps)
    Video Image Quality Super Best, Well, Good, Medium, Normal and bad
    Recording Mode Manual / Timer / Motion
    Audio Input/Output 4 audio input, 1 audio output (RCA) 4 audio input, 1 audio output
    Hard Disk Storage 1 * SATA HDD (capacity up to 2TB) 2 *SATA HDD
    Alarm Input/Output 4 alarm input,1alarm output
    Multiplex Operation Live display / record / playback / backup / network operations
    Playback mode Multiple slow and rapid play speeds, manual and single-frame play modes,and support positioning the time by driving the sliding bar
    Backup Device USB 2.0 flash drive / USB moving Hard disk / Network
    Pre-alarm Recording recording for 5 seconds before alarming
    Network Protocol TCP / IP, PPPOE and DDNS
    Ethernet 10/100 Base-T. Supports remote control and live view via Ethernet
    Web Interface Internet Explorer (5 users access simultaneously)
    Operating System: Windows Vista / XP / 2000
    VGA Interface Built-in
    IR Remote Control JA (IR receiver built-in)
    Video Loss Detection Ja
    Video Adjustable Hue / Saturation / Contrast / Brightness
    PTZ Control Ja
    USB Mouse Ja
    Power Source 12V DC(±10%)
    Key Lock Ja(Password Protection)
    System Recovery System auto recovery after power failure
    Abmessungen 1U, 315Millimeter(W)x52mm(H)x224mm(D) 2U, 440mmx460mmx89mm
    Arbeitstemperatur -10 ~ +55°C
    Arbeitsfeuchtigkeit 10%- 90%
    Gewicht 3.0KG(No HDD)





    DVS real host,super-network functions,Support IE browser centralized monitoring and CMS Software for multiple DVR from diferent place (up to 64 DVR view per screen) simultaneously, per screen can monitoring and playback from multiple DVR images, thorough solve most of the DVR can only manage a single DVR,as well as monitoring and playback can not be a problem at the same time.
    application illustration

    CMS software

    CMS software
    Two logging modes are provided: by IP address and by domain.

    COMMON: Reboot server, shutdown server, remote upgrade.
    VIDEO: remotely adjust the video frequency, brightness, chromaticity, contrast and saturation degree to the best visual effect
    LOG: The user can check the logs in the hard disk on the DVR
    DOWNLOAD: remotely download files from the hard disk on the DVR,and save them locally for backup or play.
    Common setup, coding setup, visual recording setup, alarm setting, cradle head setup, movement monitoring, video loss, and shielding alarm
    PTZ Control
    Window browsing mode
    switching: single windows, 4 windows, 6 windwos, 8 windows, 9 windows 16 windows,32 windows and 64 windows
    Start, pause, Stop, Slow Play, Fast Play Single Frame, Screenshot, Video Recording, Playbak, Volume Control, Total time for file playing.

    Software / User’s Manual Download

    KingCCTV HK-S2204F/S2108F Standalone DVR Manual(1,637KB)
    Mobile Manual for KingCCTV HK-S2204F/S2108F Standalone DVR(957KB)
    CMS Software for Standalone DVR HK-S2204F/S2108F(1,011KB)

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